Senyawa is an experimental duo made up of vocalist Rully Shabara and instrumentalist Wukir Suryadi. Wukir, a master instrument builder, plays homemade string instrument with guitar pick-ups which he crafted out of a single piece of bamboo. At times he amplifies and processes the instrument through several effects pedals, other times it is played as an acoustic, percussion or traditional string instrument.

The duo is from the ancient city of Jogjakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Their music is a reflection of their traditional Javanese heritage filtered through a framework of contemporary experimental music practices. Senyawa push the boundaries of both traditions in an attempt to mix Eastern and Western music to create a new sound. They have collaborated with many notable musicians such as Rod Cooper, Yasuke Akai, Lucas Abela and Clandestino favorite Arrington De Dionyso.

Press clip from Jakarta Globe: “Indonesian Experimentalists Strike an Avant-Garde Chord”